8 Amazing Tips To Help You Get That Perfectly Magnificent Photo of Your Dog

8 Amazing Tips To Help You Get That Perfectly Magnificent Photo of Your Dog

With today’s technology, most of us are *joined at the hip* with our cell phones. And with that, comes endless opportunities to take photos of our dogs, and immediately sharing with friends and family on social media. It can be a challenge to get your pet to “pose” for exactly what you have in mind. Here are some tips to help you take a great picture of your beloved companion and achieve something frame -worthy!

*Get your dog used to the camera. Many dogs are timid and don’t like things “pointed” at them. Ease into it gently. Let them sniff your device while you give him a scratch behind the ears  and let him know it’s not something evil he should approach with caution.

*Background is important! Keep it simple. Green grass at a dog park, a sandy beach, a deck or porch, a wood or carpeted floor. This way, your dog will be the focal point of the photo, without too many distractions.

dog photo tips*Take LOTS of pictures! If you take a dozen photos, you’re bound to find the perfect one to share with family and friends.

*Get down to your dogs level. Full-on facial shots showing every little whisker, every little eyelash, a tongue sticking out, ears perked up – are beautiful.

*Take photos of your friend, doing what she does best. Love how sweet she looks when she’s sleeping? Does she sit in the kitchen watching your every move while you cook? Does she jump on a tree chasing a squirrel? How about looking out the window at you when you get home from work? Take a photo! These will often times be a favorite picture of your pet. One of my favorites is a picture of my two standing at the back door, looking outside while it’s pouring down rain. I loved it so much, I had it printed on a canvas and framed – and it’s a photo of them from behind!

*Want that “perfect shot” of your companion wearing a birthday hat? or sunglasses? or a flower halo? Bribery is in order! Hold their favorite treat in your hand while you take the photo – more often than not, you will get perked up ears and the perfect gaze. Tell her “good girl” while she sits pretty!

*Consider a lens for your phone. There are many, inexpensive lenses available for both iPhones and Androids, and they can make an enormous difference in getting that perfect “close up”. They easily attach directly to your phone and can easily be removed after your photo shoot.

*Reward for a job well done! Don’t forget to give them a treat after they have put their best paw forward! This will motivate them for next time.

We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you much success in putting together your family album.

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