Carlee, An Oldie, But Goody | Animal Medium Q&A #4

Hi everyone! Maryam here for our weekly Q&A! This week I had a chance to get some answers for dog mommy (and Canine Cupcakes co-founder!), Taina!

Mama Taina’s Question to Carlee: Are you in pain? Is it time to let you go? Are you happy being with us and your furry brothers?

Carlee all snuggled up!

Carlee’s Response: No, not in too much pain. I’m old, so shorter walks, more rest. I know I can’t keep up with the others, but I love my family and I’m happy to stick it out as long as possible.

Carlee hanging with all her fur buddies & baby Blake!

Response to Mama Taina: Carlee has a feisty spirit, and even though she shows her age, she is happy and loves being a part of the family. I definitely don’t feel she has any desire to leave anytime soon, but of course I can’t control destiny — so if anything changes, please reach out to me if you need assistance making a decision.

That’s all for this week! To submit a question for me to ask your dog, send us an email to or submit your question directly by clicking here: Animal Medium Question Submission. Also, to check out our most recent Q&A post with Adonis, here’s the link: Adonis Q&A

We’ll be back next week with another Q&A! You keep giving me questions to ask your dogs, and I’ll keep getting them answered. Thank you everyone!

        —Maryam Faresh


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