Canine Cupcakes Psychic Animal Communicator — Maryam Faresh

Animal Communicator Maryam Faresh

Canine Cupcakes Animal Communicator Maryam Faresh

HEY GUYS! If you’ve been a follower of Canine Cupcakes, or have been following our popular dog blog, you’ve probably heard that Maryam Faresh, a professional psychic animal communicator (she’s worked with celebrities such as Demi Moore!), and Canine Cupcakes have teamed up to give all the dog lovers and amazingly loyal supporters of Canine Cupcakes a chance to have Maryam Faresh speak directly with your dog!

We provide ongoing Q&A sessions where we will select questions for your dogs for Maryam to have answered from your pet on your behalf! The submission form to enter is below 🙂

Additionally, every month we select one lucky winner at random from anyone who ordered a Canine Cupcakes Birthday Bundle during that calendar month to feature.

Interested? Have a question you want to ask your dog? Submit the form below that includes all requested information. Any submissions missing parts of this form will not be considered. Be sure to check back upon the release of the next few Q&A Segments after your submission to see if your question was selected, and to see the answer your dog gave Maryam!

Canine Cupcakes | Maryam Q&A Submission Form

Please submit approximate age if unknown — If you rescued your dog and aren't sure, provide your dog's rescue date.
By submitting this form, I agree to let Canine Cupcakes use the photos and to be contacted by Canine Cupcakes in the future at the above e-mail address.
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