Meet Canine Cupcakes’ New Psychic Animal Communicator, Maryam Faresh!

animal communicatorHello, everyone! I’m so excited to introduce myself to the Canine Cupcakes audience! My name is Maryam, and I am an animal communicator, medium to people, children’s book author, and I sit on the board for One Planet Rescue.

I have been communicating with animals and reading people for over 20 years, and absolutely love it. I have worked with Demi Moore, Cesar Millan, Jackson Galaxy of “My Cat From Hell,” and actress Carolyn Hennessy.

My inspiration for the children’s book series I created, “What about Daisy?” came from parenting multiple special needs rescue animals — but Daisy, my rescue dog born deafblind, was my ultimate teacher.

I have long been an animal advocate, but rescuing Daisy and also Louie, my three-legged-cat, was my true test. Both Louie and Daisy were my inspiration for multiple children’s books created to support special needs organizations for both animals and children.

But, enough about me! Going forward, each of my blog contributions are going to be about you and your four legged best friend! Each month we are going to pick one lucky Canine Cupcakes Birthday Pup to communicate with! If you are selected, we will gather from you the information we need and the questions/concerns you have for your pup.

Also, we aren’t going to stop there! We will also be offering a Q&A page for those who have a question or area of concern for any of their furry family members. You are free to submit a question here anytime you want, and we are going to select about 10-20 questions a month that I will be getting answered from your pet for you!

To give you a little preview of what’s to come, pet parent Aralyn from Ontario, Canada had a few questions she wanted to ask her pet, Moo the pig. Yes, you read correctly, an adorable pet mini pig! I will be, as I’m sure you know, mostly be talking to dogs in working with Canine Cupcakes — that’s why I thought I would start things out with something extra unique — and Moo did not disappoint, she was hilarious!

Here is the conversation I had with Moo the pig:

  1. Mama Aralyn: Would you like a playmate? Moo: I don’t want to ever have to compete for your attention which is why I would be nervous about a playmate, but not fully against it since I know you want one. Maybe a kitten/cat for a playmate, but I like people/animals with calm energy, predictable energy I like to be in control of my surroundings.
  2. moo the pig with aralynMama Aralyn: Is there something I can do to make you happier? Moo: A messy room makes me nervous so try to keep it clean please. My life is perfect, I’m a little sarcastic and aloof but I know how to turn on the charm when I want something. 
  3. Mama Aralyn: Do you know how much I love you? Moo: Yes I know how much you love me. Actually, yes mom ( with an eye roll) sometimes I’m squeezed a little too much. How could I not know?
  4. Mama Aralyn: Do you have any health problems that I’m not aware of? Moo (Maryam): Keep an eye on her liver — there is nothing “wrong,” but I feel like it didn’t fully develop or is weak. Nothing to be concerned with now, just make sure if she ever needs antibiotics for anything that the liver is supplemented — and/or she eats food that support the liver. But you can always call or email me if that ever happens. Look out for allergies also, environmental — not sure if a pig can get congested, but if so, she may feel it with windy weather.
  5. Mama Aralyn: What is your favorite food I feed you?  Moo: Carrots are my favorite, I like crunchy things.

Moo and Aralyn, you have a beautiful connection! Aralyn, who would have thought your soulmate would be the adorable little pig, Moo?  🙂

Again, I am extremely excited to be working with Canine Cupcakes and hopefully communicating with many of your pets! If you want to submit a question for our upcoming Q&A segment, click here. And don’t forget, if you want to be qualified to potentially be selected as the lucky Canine Cupcakes Birthday Pup to be communicated with for an entire conversation, purchase one of the super adorable personalized Canine Cupcakes Birthday Bundle!

Thanks everyone, and talk to you (or your dog) very soon!

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