Dog Birthday Party Fun With Canine Cupcakes

Dog Birthday Party Fun With Canine Cupcakes

Hello to all the dog owners of the universe and wonderful supporters of Canine Cupcakes! If your dog has a birthday coming up, we hope to help you celebrate the very special day with our Canine Cupcakes Birthday Bundle!

People don’t understand that our dogs are like our children. We love them unconditionally and do everything we can to give them a good life. This means going above and beyond when a dog birthday rolls around in your house.

With our Canine Cupcakes Birthday Bundle, you will get a birthday plate and birthday hat — the hat for the dog and the plate for the delicious dog cupcakes (healthy dog treats) we will be sending which are also included! The entire package is personalized with your dog’s name and age to add to how special the day is for that particular dog. The mini dog cakes come dressed in birthday liners, birthday flags, and of course, a birthday candle! Don’t forget to put the pre-sized birthday bandanna on your dog, either!

We would also like to let you know that very soon (May 2017), we are also going to be including a special toy in every birthday bundle! Every birthday dog deserves a toy for their dog birthday! We will have a few options for you to choose from, and you can select based on what you know the birthday dog would love.

Canine Cupcakes are made in the USA and are baked fresh as homemade dog treats. We pride ourselves on being healthy dog treats and putting only good things in our furry friend’s bodies. We know people tend to order a dog cake for birthday, but we think the Canine Cupcakes are just as cool, and we hope you will give them a try next time you’re planning a dog birthday party!

You can get our personalized Canine Cupcakes Birthday Bundle by visiting our website, or contacting us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Be sure to send us lots of pictures of your dog birthday party and also of the birthday dog next to our extra special homemade dog treats so we can post them all over social media to our large dog lover following!

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