Dog Birthdays on the Rise: They’re Family Too!

Dog Birthdays on the Rise: They’re Family Too!

Since the 1970’s, pet ownership has more than tripled according to the Humane Society of the United States, resulting in about 65% of American households owning a pet! The idea of pets and animal companionship has lept tremendous bounds, especially considering caring for a dog, not for hunting or working purposes, but for companionship, was considered a strange or even laughable idea not that long ago.

Is your pup’s special day coming up — that fateful time to mark his becoming a member of your family? More and more dog owners are leaping up to celebrate their little fur-kid’s birthday in style and remembrance; no better time than now to join in the birthday fun!

Tiny Bit of History

While the American car was young, the ‘Ford Model T’ making headlines, dogs were considered little more than convenient tools to make man’s life easier. They were intelligent animals, could be easily trained to follow and respond to commands and perhaps one of the most adaptable trackers on the planet; dogs were absolutely perfect for the sporting & hunting enthusiast.

As dog popularity rose with the steadily developing economy and increase in living wages, more and more people began to notice these furry creatures. No longer were dogs only creatures of the wealthy and upper class, slowly making their way into homes of the masses.

In truth, the massive jump after 1999 has a lot to do with the enormous revenue generated by the pet industry and recognition of the fact; people realized there was a lot of money in the industry (about 60 Billion dollars, as of 2015). The ‘Pet Lover’s’ marketing revolution began.

  • Despite their very unfortunate misguided reputation, the American Pitbull Terrier was prized above all others as a child’s companion during the first half of the 20th century.

Today’s Pet Owner Statistics

  • 65% American households own pets
  • 91% of those questioned consider pets family members
  • 45% of pet owners say they have bought birthday presents for pets
  • 31% claim to have cooked/baked specialty treats
  • Families with children are more likely to have pets than those without (73% vs 57%)
  • Americans who grew up with pets are more likely to have one than those without (66% vs 41%)
  • 22% pet owners occasionally dress their pet

Dog vs Cat; American Pet Owners

  • 71% have a dog
  • 49% have a cat
  • 11% have fish

Puppy Party for the Birthday Dog

As the population increases at a wild rate and the companion animal’s popularity along with it, more and more people are not only adopting dogs rather than human children, but treating the furry little emotional companions as children themselves. So why wouldn’t the next logical step be celebrations for the birthday dog?

Now that we know about 3 out of 5 Americans have pets, nearly all (91%) consider those pets to be family members — why wouldn’t we want to celebrate those pets? Of course dog birthdays are becoming more and more popular!dog-cake-party

Dog owners today will often spend hundreds on mere celebrations, far beyond the necessary vaccinations and other health concerns. Not only do these activities help reinforce the emotional bond among the family, it provides a sense of companionship and happiness to both parties.

Here at Canine Cupcakes, we actually have a birthday bundle just for dogs! It comes packed with goodies like dog cupcakes and a dog toy, along with party supplies for the big day! We made it our business to know exactly what your little one would cherish the most. Everything comes personalized with your dog’s name and age too!  You can check it out here: Dog Birthday Party Bundle.

How to Celebrate the Birthday Dog

Plan a ‘Dog Playdate’

Dogs are very social creatures, loving little more than interacting with each other! Why not give your birthday dog the gift of playful companionship?

Throw a Party

Again, like the playdate above, throw a social gathering for your pup; he will absolutely love the attention! Not only will your pet revel in the experience, it will create lasting memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Get a Birthday Portrait

What better way to cherish those precious moments than freeze them in time forever in the form of a photo?

The Bond

If the statistics above are to be believed, dogs are more popular among American pet owners than cats (since there are about 323 million people in the USA, 22% = A LOT more popular). Why is that?


Consider this- dogs are ‘pack animals’, social creatures that prefer live their lives in their family units, not only domesticated dogs but wild dogs and wolves just the same. No dog is going to be entirely happy in isolation. Consequently, it is largely for this reason dogs are so popular and easy to train- their innate desire to please makes them superb companions!

In other words, there is one huge difference: Your dog lives to keep you happy and please you; it is both an instinctual behavior passed on through several millennia and also usually means good things for him in return, a happy and stress free environment.

That being said, a dog as a social companion is truly a unique and special part of life — and that is something that should definitely be celebrated.

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