Dog Breed Extravaganza Tournament By Canine Cupcakes!

Dog Breed Extravaganza Tournament By Canine Cupcakes!

Hello everyone! Okay — So, just recently the Labrador Retriever won Top Breed 2016 as most popular for the 26th row in a year as selected by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 26 years, wow! Very impressive, Labradors! Well, we wanted to have our own tournament and discover who the top dog breed is as voted on by the amazing supporters of Canine Cupcakes!

This contest will consist of the 16 most popular dog breeds going head to head in a bracket style tournament. The participating breeds are seeded 1-16 based on how they the finished with the AKC. It will be a single elimination tournament and the entire contest will be done through our Facebook page. We will give a few days for each matchup and then declare the winner as to who moved onto the next round, eventually crowning a winner! You’ll have to follow the Canine Cupcakes Facebook as to how to actually place a vote for a specific breed during the tournament. It should be a lot of fun and we are excited to do something fun with all our fellow amazing dog loving parents of the world!

Here is the list of participating breeds and what they are seeded next to them (sorry schnauzer and shih tzu lovers, you just missed the top 16!):

1)  Retrievers (Labrador) FINAL FOUR PARTICIPANT
2) German Shepherd Dogs FINAL FOUR PARTICIPANT
3) Retrievers (Golden) CHAMPION!!!
4) Bulldogs
5) Beagles
6) French Bulldogs
7) Poodles
8) Rottweilers
9) Yorkshire Terriers
10) Boxers
11) Pointers (German Shorthaired)
12) Siberian Huskies RUNNER UP!!!
13) Dachshunds
14) Great Danes
15) Doberman Pinschers
16) Australian Shepherds


TOURNAMENT UPDATE: The tournament was a huge success! Below were the final matchups and our champion! We hope you followed along on our Facebook page which had round by round results.
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Below is the final bracket along with the final results!



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