Fun, Fast Fiddle And Mousy Misty | Animal Medium Q&A #7

Hi everyone! Maryam here for another round of Q&A! This time I got the opportunity to get some answers from Misty and Fiddle, for dog mommy’s Tawyna and LaTosha!!


Mama Tawyna’s Question to Misty:

Why are you afraid of bigger dogs?
What was your life like before I adopted you?
Are you happy in our family?

Misty’s Response:

I’m afraid of big dogs because they overpower me — I feel out of control and I’m also scared of their shadows. I’m not very trusting in general and especially not with those bigger than me. Before you adopted me my life was empty, and isolated, I was ignored a lot except for when someone wanted to show me off.  I’m very nervous you’re going to give me up — I’m so happy, I’m afraid it won’t last. I know I don’t come off this way but I’m really very shy and don’t trust situations even if they are good.

Response to Mama Tawyna:

Misty is not very talkative, her personality is naturally more mousy, shy and nervous. She is not very confident, so she’s a little standoffish when I try to communicate with her. But the bottom line is she is scared to be happy as she’s afraid it won’t last — only time will help heal this.  The trauma of being taken away from her mother too early has stuck with her and it’s as if her growth is stunted from it. She’s struggling to move past that and allow you to be her new “mom”.  Just continue to love her, find ways to build her confidence and trust, and you guys will live happily ever after 🙂 She’s such a little sweetie, please give her a huge hug and kiss for me!!


Mama LaTosha’s Question to Fiddle:

What can I do to secure Fiddle a happy and healthy future?
Is he happy?
Will he be happy if him and I move out of the house, or does he want to stay where we live?
What is his favorite thing to do?
Is there anything I could do that would make him any happier?

Fiddle’s Response:

I would be fine moving. I actually do better with a quieter environment. I really love to chase squirrels. I’m adventurous so hikes or lakes are fun for me. I really like to run and  exercise. I really love being King of the house, but I would also love to have a female playmate one day. You take very good care of me, you do worry a little too much about me.

Response to Mama LaTosha:

Fiddle has a very large personality and definitely does believe he’s much bigger than he really is. So you do need to be careful with him attempting to fight dogs larger than him, as he may try to do that.  Fiddle also takes guarding you and the house very seriously. He is the alpha dog but would love a mate one day, so you will need to make sure to find someone who is okay with him being the head of the house. And I’m with Fiddle, you are a great mom, love him to death and need to not worry so much over him 🙂

That’s all for this week! To submit a question for me to ask your dog, send us an email to or submit your question directly by clicking here: Animal Medium Question Submission. Also, to check out some of the past Q&A sessions I’ve done, click here!

We’ll be back next week with another Q&A!
You keep giving me questions to ask your dogs, and I’ll keep getting them answered. Thank you everyone!
—Maryam Faresh

     One Planet Rescue


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