Guide for Adequate Pet Insurance

Our pets are often considered to be important and loved members of our family, and when they get ill or injured, we want to give them the care they deserve. However, no matter how financially prepared you are for owning a pet, emergencies and unexpected situations happen, often accompanied by high costs of medical treatments. If you want to reduce some financial burden when your furry friend needs help, and have some peace of mind, the best option would be to find good pet health insurance. Here is everything you need to know before deciding on a policy:

Why you need pet insurance

On average, every pet requires a vet intervention or treatment once every three years, apart from the usual costs of vaccines and parasitic controls. In the event of an accident or an illness, the costs of visiting a vet can be incredibly high, leaving some pet owners in a tough position. This is exactly why pet health insurance is so important, as it will help make veterinary care accessible to every pet owner; even if your pet requires an intervention in the future that you aren’t able to afford, the pet will not go untreated with proper health insurance.

Pet Insurance

Providers are important

Once you select an insurance policy for your pet, it might be difficult to change your provider later on or find a better offer somewhere else, mostly due to the fact that your pet will age in the meantime, and might even develop a pre-existing condition that won’t be covered by a new insurance policy. That is why it’s incredibly important to do thorough research and opt for the best and most trusted insurance providers that will give you the best deal possible.

Insure your pet

When it comes to your furry friend, you want them to be safe, no matter what happens. Since every animal is different, you need to do your research and get the right insurance cover for your pet. Apart from the big difference between animals and their individual needs, even factors such as age and breed can significantly influence the health and the welfare of your pets, as well as the subsequent medical cost, throughout their lifetime. So, if you want to be safe and secure knowing that each one of your furry friends will be well taken care of, invest in personalized policies that will meet all of their needs and requirements.

Consider your options

As with any other insurance or healthcare plan, there are different types of pet insurance as well. Insurance providers often offer both comprehensive and limited coverage policies. Comprehensive plans usually cover a wide range of injuries and illnesses, including congenital and hereditary conditions, while limited coverage plans are typically reserved for emergencies, such as bites, poisonings and foreign body ingestions. For an additional premium, many insurance companies will also provide coverage for costs that are related to preventive and complementary care, breeding and behaviour modification.

Pet Insurance

The breed as an important factor

While the cost of cat insurance generally tends to be quite similar regardless of their breed, and usually much more affordable, there can be a very large difference in dog insurance prices, based on their breed. For example, French bulldogs tend to be very expensive to ensure, considering their tendency to develop skin, eye and breathing issues, and they cost about twice as much to cover on average than a Jack Russell terrier. However, the cost of insurance might actually be worth it, taking into account the number of vet bills you would have to pay otherwise. So, it might be a good idea to talk to your vet about the potential health risks and your pet is likely to face before you opt for an insurance policy.

While pet insurance isn’t for everyone, it’s important to consider before you actually need it. Insurance gives you some peace of mind, and it means that you won’t have to make any important decisions about your pet’s care or health solely based on the cost. For most pet owners, that is simply invaluable.

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