Jasper Thinks Deep & Molly Sends Message From Beyond | Animal Medium Q&A #1

Hi everyone! It’s Maryam, and I’m back with our very first Q&A Session. Thank you to all those who submitted questions! I was able to get a few of them answered (Momma Kayla for Jasper and Momma Jackie for Molly) which are below, and then next week I’ll be back for more! If you’d like to submit a question for me to ask your dog, click here.

Mama Kayla’s question to Jasper:

dog photo“Although I can see you’re happy Jasper, is there any way I make life more enjoyable — any way I can help with your troubles that you face with other humans and animals?”

What a sweet connection Jasper & Kayla have together! Jasper doesn’t understand why some people and animals behave the way they do? It’s as if he actually sits and thinks about their behavior to try to understand it. He understands you, Kayla, and appreciates how you two are always on the same page and view life the same way — but ultimately he just isn’t a social dog. He will interact when asked, but at the end of the day, he prefers quiet alone or one on one time with you.

Also, Jasper does not have a big sense of humor — he’s actually a very serious dog. Although he understands and enjoys the games you play, if he were a person, he would analyze the game while playing —probably not the most fun guest to have over at game night. 🙂

Mama Jackie’s question to Molly:

“I miss you so much, are you and Prince still with me?”

dog blogMolly had to leave, she was in pain and it felt like a complicated time. She had a heavy heart leaving you. She says yes, I am still with you, and I will stay with you as long as you need me — but I hope you know you are ready and strong enough to move on. I am at peace now, so all I want for you is to be happy again.  I did not speak with Prince, but you are welcome to submit again with a photo, and it may be easier for me to connect to him.

That’s all for today, everyone! Thanks for tuning in. I will be back soon with another round of questions. Again, if you want to submit a question, click here. Talk to you soon!  -Maryam



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