10 Crucial Things You Must Know To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

10 Crucial Things You Must Know To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

We are quickly approaching Summer Solstice and with that comes the two hottest months of the year – July and August. Keep in mind if you’re hot, your dog is hot too. How can you keep your dog cool, comfortable, and safe in the heat?

#1 — Keep her hydrated! It’s especially important to keep fresh water available at all times during the summer. If you’re taking your dog to the park, beach or even on a walk, take water with you. They dehydrate quickly. Keep a pitcher of cool water in your refrigerator and share with your pup, or add ice cubes to their water bowl.

Keep Your Dog Cool

#2 — Dogs not only love watermelon, but it’s good for them! Remove the seeds and share a few bites with your best friend. It’s sweet, it tastes good and since it’s mostly water, it will help keep your dog hydrated. Cantaloupe will do the trick as well.

#3 — Be aware of parking lot and sidewalk temperatures. The best way to test is to put your palm or your bare foot on the surface for 10 seconds. If you can’t keep it there that long, it’s too hot and you run the risk of burning the pads on their feet. Keep them on grass or sand, or consider booties for long walks.

#4 — Leave your dog at home if you can’t take her inside while running errands. Cars heat up very quickly in summer heat and even 10 minutes in a hot car can put them at risk. They would be much more comfortable at home and you won’t have to worry about them if you’re delayed somewhere.

#5 — Freeze organic coconut oil in ice cube trays with a few blueberries, raspberries or banana slices. Give to your pet once a day for a cool treat that will also work wonders for their coat and dry, itchy skin.


#6 — Bathe your dog at least every two weeks. This will help remove flaky skin cells, shedding hair and help them feel refreshed and keep your dog cool during a hot summer day. Find a shampoo to treat their skin and coat, or fleas, or sensitive skin — there are many, many brands on the market formulated specifically for whatever issue your dog may have. Keep your dog properly groomed in the summer, especially dogs that have thick undercoats. Daily brushings will help remove dead fur and keep your pet cool and comfortable.

#7 — Keep their bedding clean. This will remove any unwanted pests that may have hopped a ride on your dog, plus, your dog enjoys clean bedding just as much as you do!

#8 — Consider walking your dog early morning or late evening and avoid the hottest hours of the day, between 10am and 2pm.

#9 — A kiddie pool for your dog will work wonders. Dogs cool down by panting and through sweat glands in their paws. Standing in a cool pool of water can help them cool down.

#10 — If your dog is outside, make sure she has lots of shade and plenty of clean water.

There are many “common sense” things you can do to keep your dog cool, and make sure your best friend is comfortable during “the dog days” of summer. The most important is to keep them hydrated and remember, if you’re hot, they’re hot. A trip to a lake, stream or the beach may be just the thing you both need to “chill” on those hot summer days. Enjoy!

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