Mr. Sarcastic and Bad Girl Breezy | Animal Medium Q&A #5

Hi everyone! Maryam here for another round of Q&A! This week I had a chance to get some answers from Jolene and Loki, for dog mommy’s Bernadine & Jennifer.


Mama Bernadine’s Question to Jolene: “Why can’t She get along with Breezy? They growl and can’t be left alone with each other in a room.”

Jolene’s Response: Breezy doesn’t like me.  I don’t want to fight with her, but I feel like I have no choice, I have to defend myself.

Response to Mama Bernadine: Breezy does not like Jolene or for that matter any dog in her space. I’m not sure who you had first of the two, but Breezy is behaving as if her space was invaded by Jolene and is not having it. I’m not sure if  you’ve had Breezy from the she was a puppy, but she is a very angry dog who could really benefit from some good training. Jolene is not an alpha dog, she is simply protecting herself — whereas Breezy is clearly the alpha — so any training, boundaries, or skills you can teach Breezy will really help.

I’m feeling like maybe a trainer had come in before but was not effective, nor did he/she connect well or understand Breezy. This is really an issue with Breezy, not Jolene. Not to say Jolene is 100% innocent, but Breezy is setting the standard and setting the tone for the house. This is why if she receives some help and you are consistent with the training she’s taught, you should see some significant changes!


Mama  Jennifer’s Question to Loki: Do you love us? Do you feel you have a good life/enjoy your life? What’s your favorite thing to do? Are there humans or other dogs you don’t like? Would you like a fur sibling?

Loki’s Response: Yes I love you, and life is fine. I enjoy doing things with you guys, but wearing clothes is not my favorite (eye roll) — I just do it for you. Not sure I have a favorite other than just going to new places. I don’t necessarily always like meeting new people, but I will if I have to. I don’t like dogs or people who do not have boundaries or know their space vs. my space. I can take or leave other people or pets.  I’m fine with a sibling, as long as it doesn’t affect my position in the house. I’m not sure I’m up for sharing, so I may be difficult at first, but if you’re fine with that, I am too.

Response to Mama Jennifer: So this has got to be one of the funniest dogs I have ever communicated with! If Loki was a human, he would be the most sarcastic friend in the group, and he is the king of eye rolls! Lol!! I love this guy, he takes himself way too serious and knows he is the center of your universe. He refuses to get overly excited when asked a question, but I can feel how happy he is, how deep his love is for you both, and how much fun he has with you guys. As long as he can remain the Alpha, bringing in another pet should be fine.

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We’ll be back soon with another Q&A!
You keep giving me questions to ask your dogs, and I’ll keep getting them answered. Thank you everyone!
—Maryam Faresh


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