A Pet-Parent’s Guide for a Clean House

As much as owning a pet can be fun and thrilling, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. From feeding, and grooming, to bathing and walking, your four-legged friend will require a lot of care and attention. While cats and dogs can be great at keeping you company, maintaining your house clean can be rather challenging. However, thanks to a few useful tips, you won’t have to deal with puddles in the corner of the room, muddy floors, or furniture filled with hair.

Deal with the hair

Animal hair is one of the biggest issues for pet owners. From the floor, through the furniture to the clothes, pet hair reaches even the most hidden corners in your home. This is why regular grooming is essential. The best way to decrease the amount of hair in one’s home is to brush the pet regularly. Grooming your pet a few times a week would be just enough to get the coat out. Another good idea for dealing with the hair is to have a towel or an old sheet on the spot where the pet likes to rest. You should shake the sheet outside, from time to time, to dispose of the hair and then wash the fabric. Furthermore, you’ll have to get used to vacuuming the carpets several times a week to pick up all the hair from the floor. A tape roller will perfectly remove the hair from clothes, as well as a lint brush or a dry sponge designed specifically for this purpose.

dog on bed

Odour-free home

It’s essential to teach your pet where to do their bathroom habits, so that your home can stay odor-free. Having a proper litter box for the cat and teaching the dog to go outside when they need to will keep your house clean and fresh. Make sure to change the litter sand regularly, and scoop the box every day. Change it completely every 10 days and be sure to buy a new litter box at least once a year. Keep the house odor-free with the help of high-quality air purifiers that will eliminate all the bad smells and provide your home with nothing but fresh air.

Avoid muddy paws

Keep the muddy trails at bay by cleaning the pet’s paws after a run in the backyard. Always have a towel and a bowl of tepid water near the entrance so that you can wipe their paws before they step inside. Also, teaching a dog to wait on the mat before you clean their paws is highly beneficial. The less mud they bring into the house, the better. You won’t have to wipe the floor immediately and worry if the dog will step on the furniture and make a mess again.

Remove the stains immediately

Sometimes your pet might have a slight mishap and canine urine will end up on your upholstery. In that case, it’s vital that you remove the stain as soon as possible to prevent any bigger damage. Be sure to blot the fresh stain with a clean cloth and absorb the moisture as much as possible. A DIY solution made of ¼-teaspoon clear dishwashing liquid mixed with one cup tepid water will effectively remove the stain; you just need to apply it on the stain and then blot with a clean dry towel. If the stain is still visible after you rinse the solution, repeat the procedure a couple of times.

Final thoughts

Cleaning after your pet is going to be a daily challenge, but with a few easy tricks, you can make it trouble-free. Just groom them regularly, teach them where to do their bathroom habits, keep their paws clean and act quickly if they happen to leave a puddle somewhere in the home.

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