The Story of How Bite-Sized Dog Treats Saved Canine Cupcakes!


The Story of How Bite-Sized Dog Treats Saved Canine Cupcakes!

About 4 years ago, my sister, Taina, and I, Jacob, started Canine Cupcakes (all-natural dog treats) with little experience and a big dream! Thankfully, through the good times and bad, we stuck with it.

Originally, when we started the company, our cupcakes needed to be refrigerated in order to stay fresh for any length of time. While this was okay at first, we knew that eventually it would be tough to ship the product, and also equally as hard for us to get in retail stores across the country. Now we had to figure out a way to basically transform our recipe, which was not an easy process 🙂

small-dogs-cakeTaina, defiantly insisted that the cupcakes remain all-natural despite whatever else we change. She loves her dogs as much as her child, and with all the scary recalls for dog treats from overseas, she wanted everything made all-natural fresh right here in out country — Made In The USA. A dog treat that is actually good for the dogs! What a great decision!

After creating the perfect recipe (I will save you the description of the months of trying everything under the sun to get it right), we had another mission. We wanted a product that would last a long time. A special dog treat that could be consumed over a week or two, or even a month. We decided to create Cupcakes In A Jar! This concept was meant to mimic the human cupcake in a jar trend that was sweeping the country for a short period of time.

Well, after some trial and error, this new unique dog treat was born. We were very excited about it and expected them to sell like crazy! Well, they didn’t. Sadly, we received hardly any orders. People were confused and thought they had to bake the mashed cupcake that was inside the jar. I think even dogs were confused about exactly they are supposed to eat. Unfortunately, that idea went sour in a hurry. We were certainly disappointed. We thought that dog treat would quickly become our top selling dog treat, but instead it was the complete opposite.

Now what? Well, where there is a will, there is a way. We were down, but we weren’t out. A year ago, Taina and I were at our low point in regards to Canine Cupcakes. We were very discouraged, and to be blunt, we weren’t putting in nearly as much effort as we used to. Taina adopted a baby. I was very busy running my own company, Marketing Mayor. We lacked everything you need to build a successful company and it showed.

We talked about closing the company. We thought about throwing in the towel and moving on. After a good heart to heart between brother and sister, we decided to make one more last dash at moving the company forward. Taina, along with her brilliant creativity, eventually came up with a concept that fit all the criteria we could have ever wanted!best-dog-treat

These new dog treats I am going to tell you about stay fresh for 12 months. They come with 15 treats, so they last a while. They are all-natural, unique, adorable, and they are a perfect dog treat to be carried in retail stores across the country. What is this magic dog treat product? Bite-sized mini dog cupcakes! They are so damn cute (check out the pictures), they are a healthy dog treat, and they will last your dog a while! We’ve already received calls from places that want to carry the BARK BITES and even have them in a few stores already! Our sales are at a record high, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of the company.

Moral of the story? Don’t ever give up! If you really want something, you have to go out and get it, and stick with it! We were on the verge of walking away and looking back, we would have been crazy to do that! We are happier with the company than we’ve ever been, and both my sister and I feel more confident than ever about getting into large stores such as Wegmans and Target!

If you’re looking to take your life in a different direction or start something new, don’t hold back and go for it. Of course, you will face tough hurdles throughout the process, but it will make you a stronger person in the end. If you stick with it, when you make it to the finish line, it will be one of the best feelings you’ve ever experienced in your entire life!

Soooooo I guess now is when I’m supposed to insert the whole BARK BITES plug? I feel kind of bad about it, but according to business rules 101 I am technically supposed to post it, so here ya go:

Please try our new amazing product and support our mission to bring healthy dog treats to dogs all over the country! CLICK HERE FOR BARK BITES

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