Stylish Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

Most people think that you can’t have a trendy home if you choose to share it with pets. It is true that having a pet requires certain changes to the home design, but contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean your home can’t still be stylish and modern. Here are a few ideas for your home interior that will make your life with pets much easier and your home even more fashionable.

Pet-proof your rugs

When it comes to rugs, the best thing you can do is switch your indoor rugs with the outdoor ones. The outdoor rugs are much more durable and can handle a lot of harsh cleaning. They are also UV protected, which is perfect for homes that get a lot of natural light. Although we all love soft, fluffy rugs, so do our pets, so choose low-pile rugs instead. In terms of colors, it’s best to stick to darker ones in small patterns because bigger patterns make potential stains more visible. If you already have a beautiful rug that you’d hate to see destroyed, you can always hang it on the wall and turn it into a modern accent piece.

Protect your furniture

Pets love taking a nap on furniture as much as we do, and some of them even love sharpening their pretty little claws on it. So, if you want your furniture to last, consider the fabrics. If you have cats, opt for velvet, as cats don’t like scratching it as much and the scratch marks are less visible on it. Synthetic fabrics like Ultrasuede are also a great option since they are easy to clean. For dogs, the best choice is leather because it doesn’t absorb odors or gather hair. When it comes to colors, try to match them with the color of your pet – you can imagine why a dark blue sofa would probably not work that well with a golden retriever.

Give your pets a better alternative

You can always try deterring your pet from your furniture by offering them a better place to lounge on. For example, you can find adorable dog beds in Australia that will perfectly match your home design. They are soft, comfortable and quite durable, so you will have no problem cleaning your pet’s bed and they will certainly enjoy using it. If your pup still prefers snuggling up with you while you’re watching TV, buy a durable blanket they can lie on and a few slipcovers that you can remove and clean when needed.

dog on floor

Close your storage units

If your pooch or kitten loves to explore, invest in closed shelving as much as you can, and try to keep all your storage spaces closed. You can find many elegant credenzas, or you can make your own fauxdenza if you’re into DIY projects. It will save many of your shoes from being chewed and snacks from disappearing since we all know that if there is any food around, our pets will find it. However, not everything they find is good for them and some things can even be dangerous. So, make sure they have plenty of their own toys, and keep everything they shouldn’t touch out of their reach.

Make use of rope

As already mentioned, cats love to scratch, so save your furniture by giving them something better for sharpening their little razors. Cat toys are great, but they are not exactly stylish. On the other hand, you can enhance the aesthetics of your home by wrapping sisal rope around the pipes and table legs. It serves as a great vintage decoration, protects your furniture, and invites your cats to scratch it as much as they like. When the rope gets worn out, you can easily uncoil it and replace it with a new one.

No matter what most people say, there’s no need to make any style-related sacrifices just because you have a furry family member who couldn’t care less about fashion. If you’re willing to invest into your home’s appearance, there are many stylish décor pieces and pet-friendly materials that will fulfill all of your pets’ needs, keep your furniture and possessions safe, and make your home look better than ever.

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