The Essential Guide to Going Green with Your Dog’s Diet this Spring

With this organic craze taking over the hooman world by storm, it makes perfect sense that our canine friends deserve the same amount of attention and diversity in their diet. And in my humble opinion, if you’re a newbie in changing your beloved pet’s diet, there’s no time like the present to try out some new recipes, reliable products and see what makes your pooch happy and healthy.

As a cat and a dog mom, I’m not sure where I belong on the sanity scale, but I know that I care deeply about their diet, so perhaps my pet food discoveries might come in handy for all pet parents out there!

DIY healthy dog dishes

The chicken broth with meat chunks, the peanut butter crunchy cookies, the crispy chicken casserole, I’ve tried them all, and my dog just loves them. However, the winner among all of my home-cooked dog meals, her favorite fine dining specialty are the beef and veggie rolls, made of juicy organic beef, and vegetable baby food, some milk, water and whole-wheat flour.

On the other hand, when you run out of your pooches’ favorite bark bites (Lola is nuts about the peanut-butter ones), you can always prepare some incredibly healthy fruit strips, brimming with vitamin C, which is excellent for their immune system.

Trusty dog food supplies

Living in the health and fitness dominated land of Down Under has taught me many wonderful tricks when it comes to picking a reliable pet food brand. An excellent example of a name I’ve trusted with my dog’s daily menu while living in Australia is Net to Pet’s Ivory Coat selection of premium dog food with plenty of vitamins and minerals, Lola’s favorite being the protein-packed chicken kibbles.

For a full range of recipes, you can count on every day, you can always consult Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats with its wide range of healthy holistic options, written by the famous veterinarian Karen Becker from Illinois. This might be a bit more time-consuming, but you will ensure a supply of healthy ingredients for your pooch in every meal, so you can always mix and match the store-bought ones with homemade options.

Read the label

More often than not, dog food labels will tell you precisely what you need to know, not only about the nutritional value, but also of the source and eco-friendly qualities of the food. For instance, look for organic brands that use meat from local, sustainable farms, and natural ingredients that are free of artificial coloring, preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, etc.

By following these guidelines, you’ll support the producers that save energy, land and other resources. At the same time, you’ll be sure that the packaging is also biodegradable, which is another way to care for your environment, although it won’t directly affect your dog’s diet.

Buy in bulk


It may come as a surprise, but another way to green up your dog’s diet in order to protect the environment and be frugal is to buy in bulk! This is especially important if you need to pick up your supplies by car, and going more often will lead to more carbon dioxide production and pollution.

If you save yourself several trips to the store and buy in bulk, you will also reduce waste, as no additional cardboard or plastic boxes and packaging will be used in the process of packing the food for your canine best friend. This will save you plenty of travel time and extra money, and your routine will be much more eco-friendly. So, why not form a green purchasing habit to help save the planet?

If you want to be a conscientious dog parent and start a green diet for your dog this spring, master the art of canine cuisine, while turning your dog’s every meal into a feast with the help of their favorite canine cupcake treats.

Find the most delicious eco-friendly meals for your pup or make them on your own, but remember that going green with your pooch’s diet is one of the many ways you can love and care for their health and well-being!

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