The Value of Quality Dog Training

Dogs are our best friends, and it’s not hard to see why – they are loving, loyal, smart, protective, and seemingly perfect in every way. However, some dogs can also be aggressive, destructive, and disobedient, which doesn’t mean they are bad; dogs have their own needs and instincts that very often counter ours, and they need to be taught how to behave properly. This is why it’s important to start training your dog the moment you bring it home.

Why you should train your dog

Dogs communicate differently than humans do, and living with us requires them to change much of their natural behavior in order to fit into our modern lifestyle. And since you understand the modern world better than your dog does, you need to be the leader of the pack and teach your puppy everything it needs to know.

Moreover, dog training is not just about your convenience; it’s important for your dog’s safety as well. For example, if you bring home a border collie, one of the many breeds raised to herd sheep, and it tries herding cars on a busy street, the potential consequences only range from bad to worse. It’s your responsibility to keep your dog safe, and teaching your dog to heel, drop something, or come when called is like teaching your child not to run into traffic or pick things up from the dirty ground.

The training process

When training your newest family member, make sure to praise them every time they do the right thing. It’s also important to be consistent; if your dog is not allowed on the couch, make sure all the family members know that and respect that rule. If they let the dog do something that’s against your training, you could end up with one very confused puppy.

Furthermore, if you want your dog to listen to you, you have to listen to your dog as well. So, if you notice that your furry friend seems uncomfortable, distracted, or for some reason just not in the mood, don’t force the training. Give them a break and try again later. It’s also important to have realistic expectations –  training your dog is a process, and not every dog is the same. It might take some time for your four-legged friend to understand what you want them to do, but as long as you’re patient and persistent, have no doubt that the results will show sooner or later.

Professional training

If you live in the Land Down Under and for some reason can’t dedicate enough time to training your dog, or if you simply don’t know how to do it properly, you should consider professional dog training in Sydney. Most dog-training classes focus on improving the communication between you and your dog by teaching you how to discourage or reinforce certain behaviors. Consulting a professional dog trainer is also advisable when getting your first dog, as they can give you a couple of guidelines that can help both you and your puppy adjust to the new situation.

When speaking of dog trainers, loving dogs is not the same as knowing how to train them, so don’t hand your dog to just about anybody. When searching for the right trainer, make sure they have a certification or some other proof of their knowledge. You can also ask your local vet if they might be able to recommend someone.


Dog training is not just about teaching your puppy not to pee on the carpet or not to chew on your shoes. it’s about understanding each other’s needs and being able to communicate with each other. Having a dog who understands you and listens to you is guaranteed to make your bond much stronger and your relationship much better.

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