Why Buy American For Your Dog? Drawing Attention To A Serious Issue

Dogs are considered members of our families, now more than ever. We want them healthy. We want them to eat the right foods. We train them, exercise them, feed them and love them. So, why buy American for your dog?

We fuss over giving them wheat free, or high protein, or food made for puppies or seniors. We read the labels for unfamiliar ingredients, or additives that may upset sensitive tummies. We should be equally as diligent in giving our beloved companions products made in the USA.

All too often, we see dogs that are sick, or worse, because of something they have eaten. And many times, the product(s) are from another country. The USA has a strict set of regulations and standards that must be met to insure the well being of our pets (here is a list of recalls). These include dietary standards, inspections and keepingbuy american dogs harmful food and toys out of the mouths of our pets. There is rigid testing, sampling, analysis and disclosure for mass produced food and toys. There is quality control. In mass produced dog food, there are several check points to detect metal fragments, glass shards or any other foreign materials that should not be in the food. This is all for the protection of our fur babies and those that love them.

These enforcements are not regulated or in some cases, required, in other countries. With companies such as Canine Cupcakes, it’s easy to spoil our friends, and feel good about giving them healthy, quality food and not worry about the ingredient list. Do your homework. Search your current brand of pet food and find out if it’s made in the USA, and where the ingredients come from. There are lots of resources on the internet so you know exactly what your dog is eating. You can find a comprehensive list of American made dog toys by clicking here.¬†Always check the labels – even for things like flea control, pet shampoo and dog beds and feel good about the products you’re using.

Don’t be fooled by “Designed In America” or labels with an American flag – look closely! These are often clever ploys and thinly disguised veils to make you *think* you’re purchasing American made products. And the side benefit to purchasing products made in USA? 1) You are supporting American workers and 2) the money you spend stays in America!

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