Worry Less, Wag More | Animal Medium Q&A #6

Hi everyone! Maryam here for another round of Q&A! This time I got the opportunity to get some answers from Kevin and Thor, for dog mommy’s Krystle along with fellow Canine Cupcakes blogger, Cindy Dittfield!!


Mama Cindy’s Question to Kevin: Are you sick, nervous, concerned? Are you happy? What can daddy and I do to help?

Kevin’s Response: I’m a big worrier, not sure why? I know you guys are okay, but I worry about you, so when you worry about me, then I worry more. I’m really really happy I have everything I want except maybe more of those big white bones.

Response to Mama Cindy: Kevin is a very emotional dog. He absorbs emotions from those around him. I don’t feel he is nervous as much as he is a worrier. He feels prone to lumps and some skin issues, but nothing life threatening. He would actually respond well to essential oils or anything that is a natural relaxer. He also sometimes can be distant, moody, or feel like he is disconnected from you or humans, but that is just his nature!


Mama Krystle’s Question to Thor: Why did your owner give you up?

Thor’s Response: Barking, nipping, and biting. I was not happy at all there, and I made sure they knew. I’m not an easy dog to get along with and they were not willing to take the time and effort needed. I hope you’re happy with me, because I’m happy if you will keep me.

Response to Mama Krystle: Thor is very nervous you are not going to keep him for some reason. He is not an easy personality, unless he is with the right person. He is always nervous that he will be given up again. He believes he has found his forever home with you, but do you feel the same? I hope so 🙂

That’s all for this week! To submit a question for me to ask your dog, send us an email to info@caninecupcakes.com or submit your question directly by clicking here: Animal Medium Question Submission. Also, to check out some of the past Q&A sessions I’ve done, click here!

We’ll be back next week with another Q&A!
You keep giving me questions to ask your dogs, and I’ll keep getting them answered. Thank you everyone!
—Maryam Faresh


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